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Community Supported Agriculture 2015 - Week 6

What's in the Box?

  • Lettuce

  • Snap Peas (pictured)

  • Kale/Chard

  • Beets

  • Black Raspberries

  • Baby Fennel

Fennel can be roasted, braised, grilled, eaten fresh in salads when it is small, paired with pasta, fish, potatoes, apples, or citrus. Though it does have a strong flavor of its own, don't be afraid to pair it with just about anything to experience a new flavor combo. The ones I'll have for you this week are tender little babies, probably best enjoyed fresh although if you do cook them I'd suggest not cooking them long to preserve flavor. Enjoy!

Thank you all, and don't forget your bags! Or your vases! We have peonies, iris, false indigo and more this week.

Anid if you need more veg, I am at the Falmouth Farmers Market on Thursdays 12-6 along with several other farms and vendors.

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