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  Our Farm 

About Us

Peachtree Circle Farm is committed to sustainable, healthy, and diverse farming practices.  We follow organic farming practices, while not certified as an organic farm.  We fertilize with manure, we host beehives for pollination, and we weed by hand.  


It is important to us to be excellent stewards of this land.  We take care to replenish the soil, and to grow crops that are well-suited to this land and climate.  We take risks with some crops, weaving in heirloom varieties of tomatoes and garlic.  We are committed to supplying healthy food to our community.  And we leave the land in better shape each year.  

Our Dog Community 

Lila and Delia work hard at the farm every day.  Delia's primary job is to keep critters away from the fruit and vegetables that we grow at Peachtree Circle Farm.  She is an excellent hunter and just as good a greeter. 



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